Innovative corporations, non profits & groups convene, create and innovate at the ranch.  

"The place is just gorgeous. We had a lovely time having our team build over the past couple days, the perfect place…" 
"It was the perfect setting. Everything we needed was provided and we became much closer as a team and the work product was innovative and relevant." 

For many centuries different Native American tribes would meet and gather in the hills above what is now Calistoga, California to trade their goods, share their wisdom, and heal their bodies and minds. The land was specifically chosen due to its ideal climate and legendary purifying and detoxifying qualities. Pure air sourced from ancient redwoods and mineral enhanced volcanic soil and spring water provided clarity, physical rejuvenation and an unmatched environment to work out the challenges facing their communities. Accordingly, it became a long-standing gathering place for wisdom, community and healing.  

These tribes would frequently use the land for “potlatches”: ceremonies where tribal leaders and elders would celebrate the redistribution of their wealth. This practice created a society where the status of any given family was raised not by who had the most resources, but by who distributed the most resources.  

The land will continue to serve as a healing platform for our partners through the use of natural volcanic springs, hiking trails, outdoor meditation areas, yoga and healthful eating. The project design features organic gardens, permaculture landscaping.